Founded by James Olan Hutcheson, ReGENERATION Partners is one of the world’s premier family business consulting firms. For over 20 years, we’ve helped clients strengthen their families and improve their businesses. Learn how we can help you.

What is a Family
Business Consultant?

While each family business is unique, these are the most common challenges facing family business today.

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  • Succession Planning

    Dealing with issues of ownership transition, legacy planning, management transition, and leadership development

  • Governance

    Determining the most appropriate governance structure with the best matched people in your organization

  • Business Improvement

    Optimizing the day in, day out policies, procedures, business philosophies, and actions of leadership

  • Conflict Management

    Using proven methods to work through complicated issues and differences of opinions that threaten the business

  • Financial Transactions

    How best to restructure ownership and capital and sort through the issues and consequences of different alternatives

  • Business Strategy

    Developing a shared vision of the future using modern management tools and philosophies

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Read the latest, thought-provoking blogs with practical approaches and tools that can benefit any family business member.

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    Is love ruining your family business

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